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Retaining walls are only as solid as the foundation used to build upon it. We take pride in being the only wall builder in our area to use a concrete and rebar foundation for walls over four feet tall. We use extra anchoring to prevent wall tipping and tar to prevent wood from rotting prematurely.

Wooden Walls

Even though wooden retaining walls have fallen out of fashion in recent years, they remain very popular in our area because of the overall cost of installation. In addition, these walls have the appeal of fresh wood grain for the first five years after installation. In most cases these walls do not require a concrete foundation, but do require several anchor positions to fight the force of the soil.

Gabion Walls

These are becoming extremely popular all across America because they are at an ideal point between price and durability. In addition, they have a unique appearance from typical retaining walls and because they can be filled with different kinds of stones, there is a style out there for everyone. These walls have the advantage against water compared to other systems as well, able to withstand constantly moist conditions for several years and because of this these are becoming popular seawalls. Vines can also be grown onto the sides of these walls without affecting its durability.

Cast Concrete Gravity Walls

These walls are the most popular new walls in our area because they are fashionable and last longer than the traditional 4×4 wooden walls. They do not use mortar to hold the bricks together and therefore hold up much better against Michigan winters.

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Why We’re The Best Choice

We do things that others leave out. Although we’re not the cheapest company in town, we’re well-known to be a good value because we tend to build everything on overkill standards because we like what we do, and because we care about what we put our name on. Only good companies stand the test of time, and we plan to be in the Kalamazoo area for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

All retaining walls will hold back soil, the two most important factors behind choosing a retaining wall is the style and price. Generally speaking, wooden 4×4 walls are the least expensive, both on the side of materials and labor. They can usually be installed in a day or less, and look presentable for roughly ten years, depending on moisture in the soil. Brick walls are the most expensive due to their cost and the time it takes to install them properly. Bricks can be a dangerous investment however because if they are not installed with a proper foundation and anchors they will eventually tip.
That depends on how intricate you want your wall to be, but if we must lay a concrete foundation then it will add three days to the project so that the concrete can cure properly.
Wooden retaining walls typically last between 10-20 years, brick walls typically last 30-40 years (if properly installed), gabion walls will typically last 20-30 years.